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Allegations of Big Tech Censorship Continues

PayPal is the latest tech company accused of suppressing views the left doesn't like, with some users claiming loss of income over their accounts being suspended.

GoFundMe faced similar backlash during the Canadian trucker protest. Meanwhile, the Twitter files continue to trickle out.

"YouTube banning payment accounts for essentially viewpoint discrimination. We've seen the massive dump of files from Twitter where we've seen clear collusion between U.S. intelligence agencies and law enforcement with social media," says TEXIT founder Daniel Miller.

Miller's group is suing Facebook's parent company Meta under Texas law over similar censorship.

"We're expecting to have a hearing, not only on remanding it back to state court because it is a state law, but to fight against Facebook's attempt to move this case to California to have it decided by a federal court judge there."

"I think it is ultimately an indictment on where we are in this country, that you have Big Tech colluding with the federal government to silence voices of dissent that they consider unacceptable thought. We're going to take this lawsuit where ever it goes."

Republicans promised to go after Big Tech this session, but Miller is not so optimistic.


Photo: AFP

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