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Wall Street Ignores China's Atrocities to Push Woke Investments

Wall Street continues to push woke ESG investment -- or environmental, social, and corporate governance -- but turns a blind eye when it comes to China's human rights abuses and genocide.

"While Black Rock and others apply ESG to disinvest from American energy companies for instance, they invest in China, which is the world's worst violator of ESG guidelines. This is a real indication that something else is at work here," says Gordon Chang, distinguished senior fellow at the Gatestone Institute.

"It is greed I'm sure. I'm sure it's a little bit of leftist thinking. But whatever it is, it's pure hypocrisy."

And it's not just Wall Street. The National Basketball Association and its star player LeBron James continue to ignore China's communist rule.

"LeBron James is probably the most disturbing example. He lectures the American people all the time about social justice issues, yet he endorses Nike. Nike has had a long relationship with a South Korean subcontractor who is employ Uyghurs in slave-like conditions."

Chang says the federal government has a law against slave-labor products, yet they continue to make into American retail stores.


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