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Texas Leads U.S. in Oil, Natural Gas Production

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Texas leads the nation in energy production, led by the oil and natural gas industry.

Texas crude oil accounted for nearly half of all U.S. production in 2021, and a quarter of natural gas. But Todd Staples, president of the Texas Oil & Gas Association, says it could have been much more.

"We have not embraced the tremendous resources we have in the United States," he says. "And energy security unmistakably is national security."

Staples says the only thing holding us back in the Biden administration.

"What the industry has seen over the last couple years are canceled permits, delays in permit approval and requests for production to increase in foreign countries rather than right here at home in Texas and the United States."

Like during World War II, Texas has helped Europe avoid an energy crisis during the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

"From domestic policies that are hostile to the oil and gas industry to investor pressures, fortunately the technology and the know how to deliver the irreplaceable oil and natural gas that the world depends upon continues to find its home in Texas."

Silhouette of oil pump jack on rig

Photo: Getty Images

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