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Border Breaking Point: Illegals Could Soon Surpass U.S. Births

The crisis at the southern border is going from bad to worse under the Biden administration. With a record number of illegal immigrants crossing in the past year, new government projections have that number increasing in the coming months. A federal judge has ordered the end of the Title 42 removal policy, which could bring an additional 5,000-6,000 illegal crossers per day, according to government projections. Based on those numbers, the number of illegals entering the country would surpass the U.S. birth rate within two years. Combined with legal immigration, the total number of immigrants entering the U.S. would be double the number of births from 2020.

The flood of illegals that's been worsening for two years has already overwhelmed border communities, which are now throwing up their hands. "We're past the breaking point," says Bob Price with Breitbart Texas. "In the Del Rio Sector in Texas, they're talking about taking migrants apprehended in Eagle Pass and simply putting them on a bus and dropping them off at a gas station in Uvalde."

"That's going to create a tremendously chaotic situation there, in a town that's already dealing with enough pain, aggravation and frustration," he continues.

With this number of people illegally entering the country, the impact reaches far beyond border communities. "This really makes every city in the country a border town," says Price. "Because these migrants are being shipped, under the cover of darkness by the Biden administration, all across the country."

Gov. Greg Abbott is now also sending busloads of illegals from the Texas border to cities like New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and Washington, D.C. to alleviate some of the strain on Texas communities.

The situation shows no signs of improvement under the current White House. In fact, more groups of illegals are amassing just across the border already in anticipation of being let in. "We're seeing what's expected to be a tsunami effect, as Title 42 comes to an end," Price tells KTRH. "That policy has been the only consequence applied to migrants illegally crossing the border."

"The Biden administration has not offered any meaningful legislation to try to end the problem that they created on day one of taking office."

Photo: Gann, Brian (uploader)

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