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More Texas Counties Are Declaring Local Immigration “Disasters”

As the Biden border crisis continues, more Texas counties are now declaring local immigration disasters. The latest, Hopkins County, which just so happens to be an 8-hour drive from the border.

"Much of this is to support Governor Abbott's efforts, while sending a message to the federal government that these counties, many of which are not necessarily along the border, take illegal immigration seriously, and are concerned about the consequences to their residents" said Hayden Sparks, senior reporter with The Texan.

Because the Biden administration has turned their back on the border, allowing thousands of illegals to enter into the U.S. every single day, the invasion declaration sends a message to Washington, and a reminder of just how bad it really is.

"It is largely political, sending a message to the Biden administration that these local counties are bearing the financial brunt of illegal immigration" Sparks told KTRH, "But calling it a 'disaster' could possibly qualify counties for relief funding from the federal government, or from the state."

By declaring a disaster, the counties can apply for help from Governor Abbott's Operation Lone Star. And even if it's a county that is 500 miles away, we have seen how this Biden border debacle has hit all of Texas, with crime, drugs, and sex trafficking. Bottom line, it's out of control.

Unfortunately, if Governor Abbott tries to do too much, Biden and the feds will take over. Why? Because they -want- the border wide open.

"Governor Abbott has said pretty clearly that the state of Texas is limited in what it can do, because ultimately enforcing immigration law, constitutionally, is a federal responsibility" noted Sparks, "There are those who contend however, that the situation is dire enough that it's worth the risk."

Setting the stage for what should be an interesting 2023, with the battle at the border, and the battle between Texas and the Biden administration.

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