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Will Trump Be Able To Outrun His Legal Troubles?

This is yet another big week for former president Donald Trump. Aren't they all at this point? Fresh off of announcing that he is going to run for the White House again, Trump is set to find out this week in a ruling from an appeals court, whether or not the special master will remain in the middle, after the DOJ raid and seize of over 10,000 documents at Mar-a-Lago.

"If the DOJ proceeds to go after Trump based on Mar-a-Lago, I think they are going to be looking at documents that weren't classified, meaning the stuff that was accidentally grabbed" said political commentator Anthony Russo, "That's where it gets dangerous, and that's where Trump really has to be on the look out."

Basically, the special master is there to serve as protection for Trump, so the DOJ will be forced to return items they should not have taken.

If that's not bad enough, Trump is still dealing with the battle over his tax returns, he's facing lawsuits in New York and Georgia, along with the sham January 6 hearing, and there's the latest controversy over who he's having dinner with.

You have to wonder, how will all of this affect his bid for 2024?

"Any bad news, he knows how to flip and galvanize his base" Russo told KTRH, "On a national level, they're going to use this against him, as always. So, from the primary side it's going to make him stronger, but from the actual election it's going to probably again weaken him. I think right now, they're just trying to make sure that he can't run."


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