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Conservatives: Don't Be Concerned, The Red Wave Is Just Getting Started

In the aftermath of the midterms, many Republicans are still reeling from the results. The 'red tsunami' that never was.

But there are some conservatives who believe the so-called 'red wave' is just beginning, and is only going to build over the next two years.

"I take the Rush Limbaugh approach to this" said Matt Locke, host and Republican strategist, "I think America's best days are still ahead of us."

Certainly, the GOP has a lengthy list of items to go after when they re-take control of Congress in January. And while the Biden and the Democrats have done their best to cover up all of the damage they have done, that is likely going to change as Republicans return to the table, and our economy worsens.

"We're in a recession, and the Biden administration has putting on band-aids" Locke told KTRH, "So, I think they're going to try everything they can to dampen that, but I think that we're in for some hard times for the next two of years. I think people are going to be begging for a change in leadership come 2024, I think it's going to be that bad."

But before Republicans take back the House, many believe they need to get their own house in order first.

"I think right now the Republican party has an identity problem" noted Locke, "We've got too many factions, and so we've got to get our act together. The left always get their act together, and I think we are just marching toward a national divorce."

And the custody battle has begun.

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