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GOP Oversight Should Be The New Name Of The Game In The Swamp

As Republicans get ready to retake the House in January, they have already vowed oversight and investigations, all to expose the corruption committed by Joe Biden, and his administration.

But should that be the name, of the new D.C. game?

"There's not going to be an opportunity for legislating during this congress, the president's not going to sign any good conservative legislation" said Tom Jones, president of the American Accountability Foundation, "What the folks in congress need to do is really give the American people an understanding of what's been going on in their government for the last two years under the Biden administration."

And since they won't be able to pass any legislation, stopping Biden and the Democrats, while also exposing them, is the way to go for the GOP.

"Having a government that serves the people well, that doesn't waste it's money or use it to push a leftist agenda, is really helping the American people" Jones told KTRH, "I think people want to know that when I send my taxpayer dollars to Washington D.C., that they're not using it for something crazy."

It's been a crazy couple of years, and the next two should be pretty wild for Republicans, who will have to take their pick between investigations for Hunter Biden and Anthony Fauci, along with big ticket issues like big tech censorship, and the allowed invasion at our southern border.

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