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What The Early Voting Turnout Totals Tell Us About Who Will Win Tuesday

Early voting in Texas wrapped up last week with 5.4 million casting their ballots across the state, including roughly 750,000 in Harris County.

"This is going to be a more typical midterm election year, more like what he had in 2014 and 2010, than in 2018" said Mark Jones, Rice University political science professor, "And here in Harris County, we're seeing the African-American electorate turning out at a lower rate. All of this spells bad news for Texas Democrats."

Indeed, while early voting was down in Texas compared to 2018, it was actually up for Republicans.

"The Republican early vote was higher this year, than it was in 2020 or 2018" said Matt Rinaldi, the Texas GOP Chair, "So, the trends right now look very positive for Republicans, and they're consistent with what we are seeing across the country, which is a huge surge of Republican voters coming to the polls."

In addition to the 'red wave' of early voting, Republicans traditionally prefer to cast their ballots on election day, which likely means even more votes.

"It's going to get better on election on day" Rinaldi told KTRH, "Because a lot of Republicans vote on election day, especially in Texas and Arizona, you are going to see an election day vote that is going to make the early vote numbers even better."

The results of the early voting ballots are set to be released on election night, and they could end up telling us a lot.

"When the early vote numbers come in on election night, that will represent about somewhere between 70-75% of the vote" professor Jones told KTRH, "Meaning, if Republicans are ahead in the statewide races by 3 or 4 points, then they're on path to a victory."

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