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House Dems Divided on Legislation Banning Lawmakers from Trading Stocks

A bill banning congressional lawmakers from trading stocks while in office is now on hold until after the midterm elections.

Virginia Democrat Abigail Spanberger has pushed for the ban, but says the current legislation looks nothing like her original proposal.

"Those who have been really digging into this legislatively where cut out of the process," she told GovExecDaily. "It was a leadership driven effort which at times should be viewed at times with a wary eye."

She says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others have added numerous loopholes.

"They are basically blind trusts, that can be called blind trusts, essentially if the majority vote within Congress or the Office of Ethics and executive branch just decides it is," said Spanberger.

"Provisions related to the executive branch actually would decrease the level of ethics requirements that exist within the executive branch, where there's really already pretty strong ethics requirements."

According to The Washington Free Beacon, Speaker Pelosi saw her net worth increase by $140 million since 2008, thanks in large part to her husband's trades in companies she worked to subsidize.

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