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Nehls Calls on DHS to Secure Border from Venezuelan Convicts

Congressman Troy Nehls sounding the alarm over a report Venezuela is sending convicts to our southern border.

The former Fort Bend County sheriff is citing a DHS intelligence report warning Venezuelan convicts were seen embedded in caravans traveling to the U.S. from Mexico as recently as July.

"Reports have said the Maduro, that regime, he hates America. He's emptying his prisons. He's sending these individuals saying go to America," says Nehls.

The same thing happened with Cuba in the early 80s.

"They came over here as part of that Mariel boatlift, and then you saw crime in Miami, everything just skyrocketed. There was record homicide. That's what they did. They sent them all over here."

Nehls says there's no reason to believe other countries are not doing the same.

"What makes you think they're not doing it? This is the first report we've heard that I believe we can confirm as it relates to the reporting from DHS and Border Patrol," he says.

"We have individuals coming from the entire globe. They're coming Ecuador. They're coming from everywhere."

In August, there were over 55,000 border encounters from Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua, a 175% increase over last year.

Photo: Getty Images

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