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Voters Sound Off On Their #1 Issue

Despite the push from the left, and their partners in the mainstream media, abortion is -not- the #1 issue for voters heading into the upcoming midterms.

According to a new poll that was released last weekend from ABC News & The Washington Post (2 major left leaning outlets) the economy and crime are both well ahead of abortion, which ranked as the #5 issue with the voters that were surveyed.

"Look what's happened to these cities and the crime, look what's happened to the economy in general" said political commentator, Silvio Canto Jr, "It's just a very bad time right now for voters, and I think they're going to pin their frustration on the Democrats and that's obviously going to help the Republicans in November."

But even with that data, and those numbers, the left continues to say that abortion is the top issue.

"Well, that's what they're saying, and there's no doubt that abortion has animated a lot of Democrat women " Canto Jr. told KTRH, "But you still have to go shopping, they still have to go out and buy food and walk the streets, so that's why I don't think abortion is going to be the kind of issue that will be significant."

In a column that he wrote for American Thinker, Silvio Canto Jr. noted the big question heading into the midterms is, have minority voters had enough of the Democrats and their policies?

"I think with Hispanic's, you're beginning to see a shift" Canto Jr. said, "The big question I have is African Americans, are they ready to move? You have to wonder, when are people going to connect that with the ones who are running their cities, who happen to be in many cases African American Democrats. When are they going to hold them accountable?"

We will find out in November.

2022 Midterm Election in USA

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