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Think The Pandemic Is Over? Just Wait Until After The Midterms

In his first one on one interview in over 200 days, president Joe Biden declared to :60 minutes last weekend that "the pandemic is over", and the White House has been trying to walk it back, ever since.

"When the president comes out and says the pandemic is over, all of those individuals who want to continue to act as kings and queens, their power is suddenly stripped from them" said Jared Woodfill, the well respected Houston based attorney and Republican strategist, "It's difficult to say that they have those emergency powers, when the Chief Executive of this country has said that the pandemic is over."

We have all known that the pandemic has been essentially over for several months, but completely shutting the door on it won't serve the left's interests.

"One of the reasons to keep the restrictions in place, are because of emergency powers and things that go with it" said Dr. Brian Joondeph, "Expanded Medicaid coverage, the ability to forgive student loans, there are a lot of things that can be done if there is an emergency order in place over Covid."

Translation? We should expect the pandemic to pop back up in some shape or form, after the midterm elections. In the meantime, there are still millions of Americans who are still trying to recover. Not from Covid, but from the Democrats overreach with vaccine mandates, and lockdowns, that destroyed peoples lives and businesses.

"This is a president who needs to issue a very strong apology" Woodfill told KTRH, "I think history will look back and say, this was the wrong way to handle this alleged pandemic. Hundreds of thousands individuals across this country were forever devastated by these draconian, unconstitutional, illegal mandates, that came from Washington D.C."

Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden Campaigns Around Wilmington, DE

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