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I'll Have A Burger & Fries, And A Side Of Wokeness!

If you have watched any television of late, it's overwhelming, and it's everywhere. No, were not talking about political ad's before the midterms. The airwaves have been flooded with 'woke' tv commercials, a concentrated effort to help the left push their agenda, while making sure the big companies don't get cancelled.

"Everybody is scrambling to try to present themselves as ideologically pure" said Elizabeth Ames, a writer and FOX News contributor, "It's just a cultural virus, and it's who's fanning the flames, and I think that is the left. They love this so they can tell everybody that society is unfair."

And so, to make up for it, the big companies and ad agencies are on 'woke' overdrive, all under the guise of diversity and inclusion, and anti-masculinity.

"I think that what companies are doing right now is fake, and do you want your product to be presented in a way that people think is fake?" Ames told KTRH, "When you get the feeling that the advertisers are virtue signaling, I know that people will tune them out. This diversity feels forced and artificial."

But it is here to stay, at least for the near future.

"We all want to see a diverse world, and it is more diverse now" noted Ames, "But it's gone way beyond the reality of the change, and 'go woke, go broke' is going to be something that we're going to be seeing more of."

Symbol image "Woke": Wokeness or woke is a term increasingly used since the late 2010s to describe a heightened awareness of racism and social privilege. Activist or militant advocacy for the protection of minorities can go hand in hand with this

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