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California Pushes EVs, Begs Residents to Cut Power

One week after California announced plans to ban all gas-powered vehicle sales in 2035, the state continues to ask residents to conserve power during an ongoing heat wave.

Climate Depot's Marc Marano says this is the absurdity of the left's relentless push of electric vehicles.

"California is being touted by Biden administration officials and climate activists as the model that the whole country should follow," he says. "All we see when we see California are unrealistic mandates, misery and energy blackouts."

He says this is what happens when unelected bureaucrats are allowed to control policy.

"Instead of Marie Antoinette's 'let them eat cake,' the new line will be 'let them take the city bus,' because you won't be able to have an electric car because of shortages and you won't legally be allowed to buy a new car. This is our future if we allow it."

Meanwhile, there's been little talk of shoring up the power grid to make EVs a reality.

"How can you mandate something that you can't even use today? They're talking about a scale up of unprecedented levels to make it the only car available, the EV, and somehow they plan on charging it in the future, but just not today," says Marano.

Electric Cars Charging

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