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The Spin: Republicans Chances Of Winning A Senate Majority Are Fading

Right on schedule, the left, along with their partners in the media, have begun to change the narrative before the midterms.

With a little over two months to go until the November, the spin now is that Republicans are barely hanging on by thread, while the Democrats are mounting a massive comeback.

"It's predictable" said J. Robert Smith, political writer for American Thinker, "But if you look at Republican performances, even in 2020, the prediction was that the Republicans were going to lose seats in the House. Well, they ended up gaining seats in the House, and they came very close to gaining the majority in the House."

So, not only are Republicans expected to regain control of the House. They are also in great shape to win back the Senate, despite what you hear from the mainstream media.

"You really do have to look at voters, you have to look at what's going to drive them to the polls" Smith told KTRH, "A lot of working Americans, and a lot of middle class Americans, we all know. I think most of us are not rich people, we're struggling out here. And I think that's going to be reflected at the polls in a big way."

But maybe the bigger determining factor? Is simply, Joe Biden.

"His numbers on inflation, on the economy, on crime, and on the border, are all under water by the same numbers, if not worse" noted Smith, "If you start drilling into the issues, things that are going to get people out to vote this fall, Biden isn't doing very well, and Democrats are going to pay the price for that."

The countdown is on to November.

United States Capitol

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