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Liberals In California Sink To New Low With 'Don't Move To Texas' Billboard

The battle between Texas and California is back on again, with liberals in the 'golden state' sinking to a new low, with a new billboard that has gone up in Los Angeles.

It reads: 'The Texas Miracle Died In Uvalde - Don't Move To Texas'

"But it doesn't surprise anyone" said UH political science professor and tv personality Jacquie Baly, "Every time we see anything, any type of tragedy, anything that happens, it becomes politicized."

According to reports, more than 161,000 people have moved from California to Texas from 2018 to 2021, and some believe that number may actually be higher. One thing that is for certain, there are more Californians who have come to Texas, than from any other state.

"It's becoming quite difficult to even live in California" Baly told KTRH, "People are being housed out their markets, and they're being taxed out of the state, and you're seeing mobs and just lawlessness take over the entire state. That's something you won't see here in Texas."

She is correct, but you are seeing those billboards in different locations across California, using the horrific Uvalde tragedy to take a shot at Texas. Again, a new low, even for liberal Democrats.

"It's a sign of desperation" noted Baly, "The Democrats are quite fearful of what's going to happen in the midterms, their domestic policies have been an abject failure. But at the end of the day, in a state like Texas, they're not really going to worry about a billboard."

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