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Harris Co. Dems Fight Election Audit, Hire Administrator With Shoddy Record

Harris County Democrats are fighting a second state audit of local election results planned for November.

County Commissioners this month voted 3-2 along party lines to instruct their attorney to take legal action against the Secretary of State, claiming its "random" audit is "politically motivated."

"Given the fiasco we had this spring with how the primaries were run, I personally think they should be welcoming an audit in order to restore the voters' faith," says Harris County GOP Chair Cindy Siegel.

"Have them come in. Be as transparent as you can."

Meanwhile, Siegel says more is coming out about new elections administrator Clifford Tatum's time in D.C. The Washington Examiner reported in 2012 about numerous problems in that year's election.

"Machines didn't work. People were given the wrong ballot to vote on. There were ADA issues. There were long lines. Not sufficient polling locations."

Siegel fears more of the same this November.

Voters cast their ballots on Election Da

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