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Why The Left Is Trying To Destroy The American Family

The traditional American family is under attack, yet again.

As noted by writer Lewis Dovland with American Thinker, The U.S. is standing in the way of the left's plan of globalism, and one of the way's to redefine America? Is to redefine the American family.

"The three things that support America are our U.S. Constitution, the U.S. family, and religion, belief in a higher power" said Dovland, "So in order to collapse America and get us out of the way, you've got to collapse those three things."

That plan is well underway, as we've seen in all of the battles between parents, and woke school boards over CRT, Drag queen story hours, and the indoctrination of our kids beginning in kindergarten.

"I always thought that it was the socialists - progressives in this country that were leading us over the cliff" Dovland told KTRH, "In reality, they were tools, and they don't even know they are tools, because really the globalists are the ones running the show."

It's a show of globalism, and a new world order, that is being stalled by our current U.S., which makes the upcoming midterms, as well as the 2024 presidential election, even more critical.

"There's a real hope we have here, that America is beginning to wake up and see the lie of groupism, and getting two sides to fight with each other" noted Dovland, "And again, the family is key to that. If we can protect the family, we have a chance to protect this country."

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