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Why Is The Mainstream Media Covering What Americans Don't Care About?

Since 2016, we've heard a lot about the biased mainstream media. Now there are numbers to back it up.

A new poll by Rasmussen confirms that the mainstream media is completely out of touch with the American people.

"It's an ideological agenda, the reporters themselves have certain biases" said Monica Showalter, assistant editor with American Thinker, "This is what their elite and corporate owners want, and so they'll do things like global warming, and abortion. These are topics the public has very low interest in."

So much so, the poll found that the Top 5 stories for the mainstream media, are totally different from the Top 5 issues for voters ahead of the midterms.

"They're not giving them what they want, so they're turning elsewhere" Showalter told KTRH, "They're going to alternative media and radio."

And as a result, ratings for conservative outlets continue to dominate, with focus on the issues that the majority of Americans truly care about.

"Things like illegal immigration, the economy, gas prices, and school issues" noted Showalter, "These things are considered extremely important by huge majorities of the public, and considered very important by more than majorities."

But ratings, or profit is not the priority for the left. The elite billionaires who now own and run the big networks now have only one agenda, and that is the Democrats agenda. To make sure their narrative gets out there, while the truth, along with conservatives, are silenced and censored.

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