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What to Keep Cool? Maintain Your Air-Conditioner!

The cost of everything is going up. The price of price of gas got you overwhelmed? The individual you called to come out and fix your air conditioning is paying it, too.

Need to replace an air conditioner?

That’s going to cost, too.

“And don’t wait to replace the system,” says Robert Shelton, founder of Northwind Air Conditioning, Heating and Mechanical Services, which has been serving the Houston area since 1998. “The prices of air conditioning systems, just like everything else, have gone up north of 20% in the last 12 months, and they’re going to continue to rise. We’re seeing price increases almost every quarter.”

It’s all about maintenance, suggests Shelton. Not the time to be pennywise and pound foolish because a day delayed is money spent and you can count on your air conditioner going out on the day Houston hits record heat. HVAC repair companies are keeping wait times to reasonable lengths even with all the headaches they’re facing, but a couple weeks of no air takes a toll.

“This year it’s easier to get systems vs last year. A lot of manufacturers have got more in stock this year, but I just wouldn’t wait. Same thing on the service side. Parts can be difficult to get.”

But be prepared. There have been shortages affecting units and parts. Even things like silicone, used to seal around electrical components, or ball valves, can run short.

If you didn’t have a maintenance check in the spring, there is no time like the present, Shelton advises.

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