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The Left's Policies Are Effecting Texas High School Students

According to new results released by the Texas Education Agency, Texas high school students improved slightly on their test scores, but they are still way behind from all of the unnecessary lockdowns due to the pandemic.

"That year, year and a half, the kids were not in school and zooming rather then rooming, there wasn't a lot of school getting done because kids weren't really supervised" said education expert Jean Burk, "This is why you see a lot of students struggling with testing."

Making matters worse, students have to deal with the left's radical agenda in the classrooms.

"Critical Race Theory, teaching that you can be a different gender, and that some kids are more privileged because of their color" Burk told KTRH, "Parents have finally realized that they can no longer trust the school system."

This week, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that public money that is used for private schools, is ok to use for 'religious' private schools, for states that have the option school choice.

Texas does not have school choice yet, but we're getting close.

"So what we're going to see now" noted Burk, "Is that the states that have school choice, these families are going to pull their kids out of the public schools that waste their time with STAAR tests, and put them in a completely different private school."

Group of high school students using laptop in classroom

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