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Buick Is Going All Electric By 2030 - But Why?

With gas prices now at an all-time high, Buick is the latest car maker to announce that they are going all electric by 2030.

"We're seeing this a lot really, Buick's actually not that unique" said Karl Brauer, executive analyst with iSeeCars.com, "There are a lot of brands out there, particularly premium brands or luxury brands that are claiming to go all electric before 2030. It's very hard to tell where things are going to be in 7 or 8 years. The truth is, who's going to be really holding them accountable?"

Plus, electric cars are very expensive and hard to find, and it's even harder to find chargers. The bottom line is, we are still several years away from being able to go green.

"Our grid certainly can't sustain us all switching to electric vehicles right now, we can't even sustain our demand here in Texas now" said Jason Isaac, Director with the Texas Public Policy Foundation, "Costs for electricity are up over 70% this year alone! Fuel costs are up, and that's going to be crushing the American family."

So why is Buick doing this? And why now? Well, considering that the left controls the mainstream media, it's very lucrative to go along with their agenda, no matter how radical it is.

"It's the climate cult pushing these expensive energy policies down on us" Isaac told KTRH, "Self-righteous coastal elite Wall Street investors, that are just so enamored with this idea of going net zero, maybe they want to just sell cars to people that only make $100,000 or more because that's over 80% of electric vehicle purchases today."

Is it really about 'going green'? or just green?

Electric car in charging

Photo: Getty Images

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