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Road Trips Taking A Hit Over Rising Gas Prices

Thanks to Joe Biden, record high gas prices are here just in time for the holiday weekend.

As a result, a new poll shows that 66% of Americans are changing their driving habits due to the sky high prices, with the other 34% vowing to wait until we hit $5 a gallon.

"The price of gasoline has gone up 17 days in a row, and a large part of the country is already paying over $5 a gallon" said oil & gas industry expert Phil Flynn, "This is getting nuts."

It's been nuts since Biden took office, which from day one has included the push for the 'green new deal'. Last week while in Japan, president Biden referred to the record high gas prices as an "incredible transition".

"The problem is, we can't make our energy policy based on hopes and dreams, we need an energy policy based in reality" Flynn told KTRH, "Only then will we start to see these prices start to moderate."

Going green sounds good, and it makes people who believe in the climate change hoax feel good, but the reality is, we are not ready to switch. And we won't be ready to do so here in the U.S. for decades to come.

So don't expect a change in high gas prices, until Biden makes a change in his radical policies, which is not likely to happen, because the progressive Democrats don't want him to.

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