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Even CNN Knows Biden And The Dems Are In Trouble

Despite their unwavering support and promotion, even the mainstream media can no longer cover for their guy Joe Biden, and his historically low approval ratings.

Can you imagine what the coverage would be like if things were this bad under Donald Trump?

"For all intents and purposes, Joe Biden is a dead man walking" said Republican strategist Vlad Davidiuk, "He's a lame duck, he doesn't have a rescue line because coming up at the end of this year, Republicans will retake the House, and they will retake the Senate, and at that point Joe Biden's presidency is effectively over."

In the meantime, Biden's allies with the mainstream media have the difficult task of trying to defend Biden's massive disapproval with the American people, and arguably the worst 16 months for a U.S. president in our nation's history.

"The White House is doing everything they can to downplay these awful poll numbers because certainly there's not a whole lot they can do at this point" Davidiuk told KTRH, "His latest overall approval rating is stuck in the 30's! As gas prices go up, Joe Biden's poll ratings fall down."

Which makes for a Dems dilemma. Can they do anything before the midterms? Or should they just start preparing for the post - red tsunami?

"They are committed to an agenda, they are committed to an idea, that rejects reality, that rejects facts" Davidiuk noted, "There's nothing that can happen that would actually dissuade them. The only thing that can happen is removing from them power. There is no hope for the radical left."

The countdown is on to November.

Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Participates In CNN Town Hall

Photo: Getty Images

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