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Election Day: Texas 2022 Runoff Elections

Today is another big day here in Texas, with the 2022 primary runoff elections.

Here in Houston, it's all about the Republican race for who will get to face Harris Judge Lina Hidalgo in November.

Will be the newcomer Alexandra del Moral Mealer? Or veteran Vidal Martinez?

"My instincts tell me that Mealer is going to come out ahead" said University of Houston political science professor Brandon Rottinghaus, "She had a significant fund-raising advantage, she's got a significant number of endorsements from some key officials, and presents herself as a really solid candidate." Rottinghaus also said he believes that Mealer is better suited to beat Hidalgo in the fall.
The big ticket item on the ballot across the state is the battle for Attorney General. Longtime Republican strategist Bill Miller tells KTRH that he like AG Ken Paxton to hold off George P. Bush.

"Paxton is strong with Republican primary voters, and I give him the edge unquestionably. It's kind of a page right out of the Greg Abbott playbook when he was Attorney General."

As for the key race for the Democrats, Miller likes the long tenured incumbent Henry Cuellar to knock off the squad's Jessica Cisneros.

The polls will be open from 7am to 7pm, with the final vote counting not expected to be done until tomorrow.

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