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And How Are You Dealing With Your Political Stress???

As if the political division in our nation right now wasn't bad enough, we now have another issue to add to the mix.

It's political stress, which experts say is at an all-time high.

"I feel like it's probably as bad as I've ever seen" said Texas based psychologist Dr. Michelle Rinella, "There has not been a respite from it, and it just escalated to a place I don't think we would have expected 10 years ago."

Politics seemingly affect everything, but if we don't learn to disconnect and take a break, we can suffer long term consequences.

"Try and have a strategy to step away from it, and turn it off a little bit" Dr. Rinella told KTRH, "Do things that you enjoy, and that relax you, things that you're turning off some of the negativity. They don't have to be all of our day, every day."

And if you happen to be a person of faith, the best thing you can do is to continue to pray, for our nation and our enemies.

Deadlines often come with associated stress

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