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Traffic Patterns Reflect Return to Work

Anyone driving through Houston will tell you COVID is in the rearview mirror.

A recent survey of radio listeners found 86-percent were back to working outside of home.

Craig Raborn is transportation director for the Houston-Galveston Area Council, which tracks traffic patterns in the region.

He says there are more cars on Houston highways today than before COVID, though normal commute times have remained flat, while midday driving has surged.

"It could be an indication that the folks who are staying home, working from home, are taking their shopping trips or whatever. They have some flexibility and they're able to do that during the day," says Raborn.

"From a traffic management standpoint, it means there's less relative congestion in the morning than in the afternoon."

Raborn says it may also reflect an increase of delivery drivers in a post-COVID world, though the data is inconclusive.

"There's that segment of the population of folks around the region that are driving to and from work, and there are more of those," he says.

"But what we've also seen in the middle of the day, more people are also out driving around that time."

Houston area drivers are welcome to give their input on local roadways through the HGAC website.

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