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Why Are Texas Leaders Always A Step Behind Florida?

As Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continues to bask in the light after passing the controversial parental rights bill in Florida, some conservatives are wondering, why is Texas 2-steps behind?

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick though is pushing to pass a similar parental rights bill during the next legislative session in 2023.

"I think as far as comparing the two governor's, there is definitely a lot of areas where Governor DeSantis has been much more conservative" said Daniel Friend, writer with The Texan, "Especially after Covid. I think that was kind of the big thing that has drawn a lot of criticism from conservatives in Texas with Greg Abbott. He did lockdown the state, and he did issue a statewide mask mandate."

But, while Florida may have the edge with DeSantis, Texas is still leading Florida overall. In fact, according to the numbers, Texas is actually more conservative than Florida.

"As far what policies the states are actually enacting?" Friend told KTRH, "You look at some of the legislation that Texas has passed like the Texas Heartbeat Act, and the Constitutional Carry, that's legislation that Florida has not passed yet. Florida is now actually considering similar legislation to that, so in some respects Texas is further along, in other respects Florida has taken a little bit more of a spotlight."

In addition to a parental rights bill, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick also wants the comptroller to divest from Disney, and he also has his sights set on BlackRock, because the investment firm has targeted Texas oil and gas.

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