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Biden's Hidden Amnesty Is Already Underway

Before Joe Biden took office, he promised a massive utopian amnesty for millions of immigrants. Congress has had a different idea. So Biden is now using a 'hidden amnesty' to allow illegals into the U.S.

"Biden is using backdoor amnesty" said Dale Wilcox with the Immigration Reform Law Institute, "He can't get it through congress, he can't get enough votes there to pass a massive amnesty, so he's using his executive power to introduce people in to the United States who have no right to be here."

It's all part of the plan, even though Biden (along with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer) back in 2006 was all in favor for securing our border. But now?

"Democrats, almost wholesale have given up on any kind of immigration control" Wilcox told KTRH, "It used to not be that way, so what's changed? Well, they realize they're losing their base, they're importing voters, so that they can maintain power."

Crash the system so there is no choice but to grant amnesty.

The good news is, they tried to implement amnesty for illegal criminals in Virginia, and the voters soundly rejected it. That will be Republicans plan come November.

U.S. Border Patrol Takes Immigrants Into Custody At Arizona-Mexico Border

Photo: Getty Images

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