Former Google CEO: Social Media is Addiction Designed to Maximize Outrage

Former Google CEO and Alphabet chairman Eric Schmidt is raising eyebrows for his candid assessment of Big Tech's use of artificial intelligence.

Speaking on actor Dax Shepard's podcast, Schmidt said social media is an "addiction," and companies are designed to "maximize outrage" in pursuit of revenue.

"Corporations, at least in social media land, are optimizing and maximizing revenue. To maximize revenue you maximize engagement. To maximize engagement you maximize outrage."

"The same is true on television news networks by the way," Schmidt said.

State Rep. Briscoe Cain spearheaded a Texas law to rein in Big Tech censorship of opposing views.

"These social media companies have those protections. However, they don't have anything for exchange. So the government is protecting them, but they're allowed to discriminate," Cain told KPRC 950's Kenny Webster.

"Unlike rail carriers and taxis, the government protects them and in exchange for that protection they have to carry everybody."

Cain says we're past the point of boycotts or canceling your account.

"They don't care if you stop going to their business. So they're not responding to market failure. They're at that size where they don't care what you think. And they're a little too powerful."

Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports Facebook's parent company Meta just leased half of what soon will be Austin’s tallest skyscraper.

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