Cruise Lines Still Requiring Proof of Vaccine Despite Texas, Florida Bans

The cruise industry is still at-odds with the governors of Texas and Florida who have signed laws prohibiting any business from requiring proof of a COVID vaccine.

Legacy Travel's Catherine Banks says Gov. Greg Abbott's order was very clear, but the cruise lines are saying they will follow CDC guidelines when it comes to the COVID vaccine and travel.

“They're still kind of having a showdown about who's going to get away with what and who's going to require what,” she says. “However you feel about vaccines, you can't blame the cruise lines for wanting to do everything they can to be beyond reproach COVID-wise.”

Banks says some cruise lines have already dropped the vaccine requirement; others are allowing five-percent unvaccinated.

Royal Caribbean has said they were going to require it, and then they just came back out and said they're not going to require it,” she says. “Different cruise lines are handling it different as far as like everybody has to be vaccinated, which by-in-large eliminates kids. Others are saying we can have five-percent unvaccinated.”

She says its best to keep close contact with your cruise company to stay on top of new developments.

“For people who are wanting to start cruising right here on the bleeding edge of the restart, I think the safe thing is to be vaccinated to make sure you don't end up in a situation where you have to cancel.”