Harris Co. Dems Oppose Transgender Bills Working Through Texas Legislature

As expected, Harris County Democrats are opposing a statewide ban on sex-change procedures for children and allowing transgender teens to play sports of the gender they choose.

Like most votes in Harris County Commissioners Court, this one fell along party lines.

“To cross that line of fairness to set up a system where boys would be allowed to compete against girls just makes no sense to anybody,” says Commissioner Tom Ramsey, one of two conservatives on the court.

“These things have come up in the past and I think the state legislature is trying to get ahead of it so school districts and the folks down in these sports leagues don't have to deal with these on a one-on-one basis.”

The Texas Senate also approved legislation expanding definitions of child abuse to include surgeries or puberty-blocking drugs to children for the purpose of gender reassignment.

“This is at the end of the day a child protection issue,” says Ramsey. “Parents and their children would make those decisions later in life, not early in life.”

The Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture testified those with gender dysphoria who transition have increased rates of suicide.