The GOP Is In Disarray - So What's Next?

With more Republicans jumping on the 'Impeach Trump' band wagon, the future of the GOP is once again in question. Before the election, Republicans led by President Trump were lauding their gains in the House, and looking forward to keeping control of the Senate. Now, 2 months later, the party is in total disarray. University of Houston political professor Jacquie Baly told KTRH that some Republicans are jumping ship to save themselves. "They are seizing an opportunity now that Trump is down. Not a surprise that they're turning their backs on him." And that apparently includes Mitch McConnell. But rather than the GOP going down too, Baly believes the party is going to galvanize over the next 2 years. "What you're going to see is more and more Trump supporters getting actively engrained in the Republican party." And once that happens, Baly says the GOP will need unity. "We need to grow together, and work better together. That's one thing the Democrats have over us. They know how to unify against their opponents." And for those who think Republicans will be cancelled? Baly reminds us "We still have 75 million people who voted for the President! And as you continue to see the left talking about things like defunding the police, you're going to see people leave the democrat party and seek other options. And that's what Republicans have to seize on." As Jesus said in Mark 3:25, "A house divided against itself cannot stand."