I’m jazzed to introduce a new rose soil

Before I tell you why I’m so pumped that there’s a new high-quality rose soil hitting the market, let me take you back to when I first started hosting GardenLine two decades ago.

Photo: Randy Lemmon

Back then, when garden advice folks like me talked about building beds with “rose soil,” we really meant you needed to create a perfectly balanced planting medium on your own. We sent people out to get equal amounts of topsoil, sand, and humus (what we call “compost” today) to make a mixture just as rose experts would. And, if roses could grow well in what you made, that would make it the best all-purpose planting medium for everything else, from annuals and perennials to roses and even large shrubbery.

Then came a time when some bulk soil, mulch and compost purveyors started developing, packaging, and marketing their own “rose soils” by the bag. As more years past, some rose soils disappeared or were re-named “landscaper’s mix” or “all-purpose garden soil.” And, unfortunately, some makers let their quality slip to the point where it was pretty much just mulch. Some were even laced with plastic and metals and huge chunks of wood. At that point, I had to walk away from endorsing stuff like that.

But today in 2021, a really good, purposefully made rose soil is finally hitting the market. Sure, there are plenty of other good rose soils out there, but we can never have too many high-quality versions.

So … drumroll, please … I give you Multi-Purpose Rose Soil from Heirloom Soils of Texas. It’s a product of the Warren’s family of businesses such as Warren’s Southern Gardens, Kingwood Garden Center and Warren’s Rock-n-Mulch Yard.

This new product’s recipe includes leaf mold compost, aged pine bark, coco coir, torpedo sand, basalt sand, granite sand, aged hardwood fines, aged soil fines and mycorrhizal fungi (both endo and ecto). So, you can see why I’m so pumped about being able to promote another great rose soil for the Houston area.

You’ll find it and all the other great Warren’s Heirloom Soil products at:

Other retailers interested in carrying the line should contact BWI Distributors. You should stock it even if you carry another one or two already … as I said, you can never have too many high-quality rose soils!


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