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When it comes to deciding what my weekly article will be about, I review notes I made during the last radio shows to see if any subject dominated callers’ questions. If you listened last weekend or were at any speaking engagement or book signing last week, you could probably guess that today I’m going to focus on tree planting, deep-root feeding, and big root removal.

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1 -- My tree planting technique also applies to big shrubbery, because just digging a hole the size of the root ball will result in stagnation or an early death sentence. HERE’S HOW TO DO IT CORRECTLY.

2 – Deep-root feeding is a must for trees in our clay soils. Some may say it’s an antiquated practice, but I know it works and can save you the ton of money you’d pay for an “arborist” to inject something into the bark. That’s not how trees get fertilized along the Gulf Coast, and it’s usually way more expensive than a good old-fashioned deep root feeding and watering. HOW TO DO IT.

3 -- We are not in pruning season yet! Major pruning time kicks in around mid- to late-October and runs through March following year. Book early if you want to have it done professionally at a specific time on the calendar. Meanwhile, HERE are some basic tree-pruning protocols.

4 -- I had an unusually large number of calls last weekend about tree roots coming up through the lawn and when, where, and how to cut them away away. HERE are some solid rules to live by.

As always, if you need any clarification, be the first to call the radio show this Saturday and Sunday 6-10 a.m. The number is 713-212-KTRH (5874)

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