Final 2020 book-signings this weekend

As I noted last week, I’ve had an amazing, humbling, and heart-warming time at my recent book-signings. Since I wasn’t sure what to expect with COVID-19 issues, I had simply hoped to line up maybe three or four events over five weekends. We ended up scheduling nine. And, whoosh, we’re down to the last two this weekend.

Saturday, 11 a.m.-2 p.m., I will be at Cinco Ranch Ace Hardware on Mason Road at Highland Knolls in Katy, and we’ll have three grand prize drawings near the end of the event. Among them will be a collection of VIP gifts with a retail value of at least $50. We’ll also give away a bag of MicroLife fertilizer, with the winner’s choice of Green, Orange or Red 6-2-4. And, we’ll have a gift basket full fun stuff from the store’s second-to-none gift shop.

On Sunday, I’ll be doing the very last book-signing noon-3 p.m. at Langham Creek Ace Hardware. It’s on Barker Cypress Road at FM 529, and we’ll start an hour later than usual because it’s a Sunday and many people aren’t out of church until noon. Once again, we’ll have three grand prize drawings, including a bag of MicroLife, a bag of Nitro-Phos Sweet Green and another full collection of VIP gifts.

On both days, New Decade Gardening: A Gulf Coast Guide will be on sale for only $11.95. You can’t beat that price for an autographed and personalized Christmas gift for someone you know who needs the help that’s in this book. And in both cases, I will hang out for as long as it takes to get books signed, VIP gifts doled out and garden questions answered.

By the way … about the VIP gifts. If you know you’re coming out to get a book, let me know with an email or call the radio show this weekend. I’ll put you on my VIP list and hook you up with a free garden goodie when you arrive. I’ve got Nelson Plant Food products, four-pound jugs of Nitro-Phos, Consan 20, Medina Soil Activator and many other items. Just let me know which list you wanna be on!

As for the prizes, you don’t have to be present to win. But you can’t win if you don’t register while you’re there.


IMAGES: Randy Lemmon, Ace Hardware, Getty Images