GardenLine Special – 10 Mother’s Day gift ideas

With Mother’s Day this Sunday, I wanted to give you some great ideas for moms who love gardening. If you are Mom, just print this list and give it to your husband or kids.

For the record, I didn’t just quickly cobble this list together. I’m sure every idea here should be something any mother can enjoy, because I consulted my wife, Yvonne Salce Lemmon, the mother of our two children. I ran a ton of ideas by her, and these were the top 10 she honed in on.

[10] An aloe vera plant – It’s great for summer sunburns and insect bites. And it’s good luck to have one near a front or back door.

[9] Gardening tools – In addition to obvious things like hand-held trowels and pruners, this tip includes gardening hats and gloves.

[8] Bird feeders – Any kind will be fine, but especially hummingbird feeders in May. You can’t go wrong with one selected from the six Wild Birds Unlimited locations in the area .

[7] Pollinator plants – If Mom is into landscaping, there’s always a need to naturally attract more pollinators like bees, dragonflies and hummingbirds. All nurseries and garden centers endorsed on GardenLine carry them. (There’s a chapter in my new book about adding more pollinators.)

[6] Herb gardens in pots – Herbs are so easy to grow here, and you can pick out some beautiful pottery to make them shine.

[5] Succulent gardens – Succulents are the rage in gardening these days. And they can be placed in uniquely colorful, unusually shaped and decorative pottery. I did the one above for my wife last year.

[4] Gardening art – I would add fun items like wind chimes in this category as well.

[3] Roses – Plant a rose garden for Mom, instead of just buying her a dozen from the grocery store. They’ll just croak in a week.

[2] Gift cards – Select one or two from bird feed stores, independent nurseries and garden centers - even cleverly stocked feed and hardware stores.

[1] My new book New Decade Gardening (A Gulf Coast Guide) – My wife, who helped edit it, suggested this should be the number one gift this Mother’s Day. It’s available at every nursery, garden center, hardware store, feed store and Wild Birds Unlimited location you hear me promote on the radio show.

If you need help finding anything on this list, please send an email at Let me know what part of town you’re in, and I’ll point you to a place that will assist.

IMAGES: Succulents - Randy Lemmon; others - Getty Images

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