It’s time to get busy - even if ...

It’s the first week of April - the ultimate time to get busy with my Lawn Fertilization Schedules.  

Here are the original Synthetic Schedule  and the Organic Schedule

If my emails are any indication, though, people seem to be employing some “creative avoidance” on getting started.  So …

  • Even if you missed the Early Green-up – get busy!
  • Even if it’s only been 30 days since you applied the Early Green-up – get busy!
  • Even if you’ve still got a lot of weeds – get busy!
  • Even if it rained just the other day – get busy! And lightly water in the application anyway!!
  • Even if you haven’t core-aerated – get busy!
  • Even if you’re switching from synthetic to organic – get busy!! And I recommend my Organic Schedule!!
  • Even if you’re changing from organic to synthetic – get busy!
  • Even if you haven’t applied a compost top-dressing – get busy!

I can think of only a single “Even if…” that should keep you from working in the April fertilization. That’s if the Early Green-up with a bona fide 15-5-10 was put down within just the past two weeks. 

But you only need 30 days between the applications. So if you were a couple weeks late getting down the Early Green-up per my schedule, mark your calendar for April 15!   

If you want to debate me with any other “what if,” give me a call on this weekend’s radio shows. I love a challenge.

And, by the way, you can also get busy with lots of other projects.

  • Mulch? Get busy!
  • Aeration?  Get busy!
  • Planting?  Anything and everything? – Get busy!
  • Even tomatoes? Yes, you’re a little late, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?  Get busy!
  • Compost top-dress?  Yes, and not just lawns. Seriously … get busy!
  • Pruning fruit trees? Sure … you can think of it as a cleanup. So get busy!!
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