Now is the perfect time to start my lawn schedule!

While the headline says "now," don't feel pressured to get started this weekend. It's just that a gentleman took me to task last weekend over a statement I have made on the radio show from time to time over the years ... "Well, that wouldn't have been the case had you followed my lawn fertilization schedule." He pointed out (and I have noted myself several times recently) that many GardenLine listeners are new to the area, and the show and the schedule. He wanted to point out that I should be telling everyone where to jump into the schedule or how to "catch up." 

Well, you can always pick up the schedule exactly where we are in the calendar, no matter the month. You just need to get started and commit to it for a solid year, and you'll see remarkable differences in your lawn. 

That being said, what about all the weeds that are up right now? If you want to get on the schedule — or pick up after a lapse — the rule applies now and for the next several months since this is the perfect time to get busy killing weeds and blocking seeds from germinating. You can kill all broadleaf weeds with a cool-season herbicide. For reference, here's a previous article on weed killing at this time of year and another one with general tips about using herbicides

As for weeds that have yet to appear, we're in the window of opportunity to get pre-emergent herbicides down for the next month, . You should read my article from a year ago on all aspects of using pre-emergents, so you'll completely understand how they work. 

Despite the harsh freeze earlier this month, it looks like we will stay dead on schedule for the early green-up part of my fertilization schedule. That's usually by mid- to late February, so keep up with us on the radio show, in these articles and on Facebook. 

So, whether you're late to the party, or you're getting to the party a little early, or you completely forgot the party's date, just commit to the schedule and you won't need to worry. But remember, the schedule is not a "quick fix." You'll have to stick with it for one full year to see a difference. You never want a "quick fix" anyway ... that usually means you're sacrificing long-term gains for very short-term benefits. 

And please pass this article along to friends, relations and neighbors. It will also soon be posted on the GardenLine Facebook page where you can share it. Then, let's hope more callers to the show can tell me exactly where they are on the schedule. 

First home and garden show of the season

I will be at the Sugar Land Home & Garden Show both Saturday and Sunday. It's at the Stafford Centre, 10505 Cash Road. 

Saturday, GardenLine will be on the air live from the show. Since the doors open at 9, you can watch the final hour of the broadcast in person. Then, from 10-10:30, I will be signing books and answering some questions. Next, I'll be whisked off to the seminar stage for an intense hour-long Q&A session. Finally, 11:30 to 2:30, I will be back at our broadcast booth to autograph copies of the new book, "Texas Tough Gardening," and more one-on-one Q&A. 

If you can't make it Saturday, I will be back 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Sunday. I didn't get a chance to take part in last year's Sugar Land show, because I was feverishly working on the book. I'm betting there are lots of folks on the southwest side who could really use a copy, considering the weather we've endured during the past year. "Texas Tough Gardening" has answers to all the extremes - too hot, too cold, too wet — plus which fruit tree varieties can endure what Mother Nature doles out for us. And of course, this book absolutely has you covered on all things related to herbicides and my lawn fertilization schedule. 

For discounts on tickets, check out I hope you'll come by and say hello!

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