On resolutions and citrus freeze recovery

 In last week's article, I tried to cover all the freeze-recovery rules I could think of, and I clarified them a bit during the Saturday and Sunday GardenLine radio shows. I also invited listeners to call in with their GardenLine and horticultural New Year's resolutions. 

Those topics may not seem connected, but for this week's message, they are. I've got two resolutions for 2017. 

My top one is to go all in on growing citrus again — along with a couple of other fruit trees, possibly avocado — and get more serious about a vegetable garden. I haven't been able to focus on doing either since moving from Cypress to Tomball. 

I guess I'm fortunate that I was preoccupied with getting my book written and published last year and didn't have time for all the citrus and fruit trees I had intended to install — this month's freeze would have wreaked havoc on them. My heart goes out to all the people I've heard from on the radio show, in email and on Facebook who are in that situation. 

While last week's Seven Rules covered a lot of ground, they didn't address the many citrus freeze-recovery questions I've had. But I was pleased to see that topic was well covered by our friend Angela Chandler in her recent blog for The Arbor Gate's Garden Academy. If you add it to last week's Seven Rules, you may be able to back off the proverbial ledge you may be teetering on. My second 2017 resolution is to open up my schedule for more one-on-one work through my company, Randy Lemmon Consulting. I hope to help a lot of people who need that ultimate set of eyes on their landscapes. 

For an idea of how it works, please read THIS ARTICLE from a few years ago. It also includes information on hiring me for speaking engagements. 

Although my Saturdays are fairly well-booked until May, there are still lots of mid-week openings in the coming days when I could speak to your group. So, shoot me a request to see if I'm free for your date. It never hurts to ask.

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