MicroLife’s Hybrid 20-0-5 Fertilizer

Often, I get to talking about products from local manufacturers on the GardenLine radio show, mainly because I know what works and what’s available for the listening audience. But continued success with certain products sometimes puts blinders on me when it comes to other products in some companies’ arsenals. And that’s the case with MicroLife Hybrid Lawn Fertilizer. So, I want to use this opportunity to spotlight it.

After all the May rain, if you’re looking for something that can fit in my fertilization schedule and immediately green things back up, try MicroLife Hybrid 20-0-5. It’s a zero-phosphate formula with a combo of some of their organic philosophies and a tiny bit of synthetic. A true hybrid!

The nitrogen is from Nutralene. That probably means very little to the average consumer, but in terms of synthetic fertilizers, it gives you the best of both worlds. First, it provides a quick pop for greening up, but then it is otherwise a slow-release product for two months. Plus, Nutralene is microbially released, which means it’s food for microbes and has the same covalent carbon as naturally sourced organic nitrogen.

The product is also loaded with humates, offers up 63 minerals, and it’s high in humic and fulvic levels. Humates are technically concentrated particles of long-chain carbon that provide a steady food source for indigenous microbes plus the microbes included in MicroLife Hybrid. Humates and humic acid (some natural yucca included in this blend) fracture and aerate clay soils.

Even though this product is not 100% organic, it will not burn if accidently over-applied. And while it’s not specifically called for on my schedule, it really makes a great summer replacement to follow up the ark-building rains of May. Just apply it as you would any of the fertilizers on my schedule.

By the way, check out my helpful tips on spreader settings. And for more info on this product, check out the MicroLife website.

PHOTO: MicroLife

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