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If you don’t know me personally, follow me on Facebook, or have just passively listened to the radio show over the past four months, you probably aren’t aware that I use CBD creams from The Trusted Lab for my rosacea.

If you're looking for help with chronic skin rashes, dryness, flakiness, bumps, or redness, The Trusted Lab may have just the product for you. I am having great success with their Pharmaceutical CBD Skin Care Cream for rosacea. It’s made with 200 milligrams of powerful full-spectrum cannabidiol plus antioxidant and antibacterial terpenes that help ease skin discomfort. It glides on smoothly, goes a long way, and is quickly absorbed into the skin. No fragrance, either.

For me, the best part is that I don’t have to take drugs for the condition ever again. It’s not a cure, but drugs aren’t a cure, either … only a way to manage outbreaks.

Applied daily, I get a little more than two months’ coverage from each jar. I’d much rather pay about $60 every couple of months than use any cheap pharmaceutical. It’s so worth it!

This product’s CBD is completely legal. It’s produced from 100% organic hemp grown in America. I use The Trusted Lab products because their full-spectrum CBD products have the highest content of naturally occurring terpene in the industry. And they have the highest concentrations of other cannabinoid content, such as CBDV, CBG, CBC, CBN.

If you are tired of red, achy skin, this cream may be exactly the product you need. Created to help promote better skin, The Trusted Lab Pharmaceutical CBD Skin Care Cream is absorbed within seconds, allowing you to experience the fast-acting, long-lasting, and incredible reported natural benefits of CBD. It is hypoallergenic, and you can safely use it anywhere on your body, particularly your face, neck or other areas where you want to promote better skin. It can also help combat feelings of pain, tension, inflammation, aches, and strains. And it may help soothe sore muscles, sprains, bruises, and stiff joints.

For over 15 years, a friend of mine has had back pain. But for the past six months, he’s been using tincture oils from The Trusted Lab every day, and I have not heard him complain once about pain.

If you have questions, you’ll find tons of great FAQs and research on the awesome benefits of all-natural CBD products at

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