The Arbor Gate

First, let me point out that The Arbor Gate at 15635 FM 2920 in Tomball has long been known around here as a "true gardener's nursery." But It's also, as they say, "Way More than a Garden Center and Plant Nursery." The Arbor Gate is quite literally an inspired collection that includes unusual plants, artisan-created decorative pieces, and a constantly changing array of items that bring beauty, comfort, and even flavor to the home and garden.

Plants are their passion at The Arbor Gate. Regardless of your primary aim in visiting, you'll find yourself surrounded by magnificent display gardens that can't help but inspire your creativity. And because the Arbor Gate family includes so many experienced and dedicated gardeners and plant experts, your questions will be answered with an unusual depth of knowledge and know-how. Looking for that hard-to-find native plant? The Arbor Gate has carefully selected varieties that will enhance any native garden design, and add great interest to gardens of any kind. If low maintenance is a priority, then these Texas gems are a must-have!


Roses take center stage in their dedicated rose house. The old and antique roses in their collection have been around for generations, thanks to their resistance to diseases and pests. Herbs lure many to the Arbor Gate just for their huge year-round collection of these intriguing and beautiful plants. The staff at the Arbor Gate also chooses varieties for suitability in the unique Gulf Coast climate. Be sure to browse through their herb garden and wonderful herb house at your next visit!

Homegrown fruits and vegetables are in the news and in their gardens as never before. In fact, the Arbor Gate sells all kinds of fruit trees year-round these days. And whether you're building a vegetable garden, choosing the varieties you and your family will enjoy, or solving problems, the knowledgeable staff and great books available for purchase can help you succeed. The Arbor Gate also has two gift shops overflowing with art, pottery, home decor, unique gifts, and a large library of gardening books. There's an inside joke at the Lemmon house that my wife has a $100 cover charge once she enters either shop. I know they look forward to helping you achieve your vision, whether you come to The Arbor Gate for information, inspiration, or both. They're on FM 2920, about 1.5 miles west of Highway 249.

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