RCW Nurseries – the “Get It, Got It” nursery

When I talk about RCW Nurseries on GardenLine, I often call them the “Get It-Got It” nursery. I usually only have a minute or less to explain what that means, so I would like to do it for you here.

They “get it.” They understand what works in this region and what doesn’t, because they have over 40 years of experience, all in the same location - 15809 Tomball Parkway. And that means they’ve “got it” … they have the perfect trees, the perfect roses, the perfect azaleas and the perfect fruit trees for this area. Plus, all the products on my fertilization schedule, a full line of organics, etc., etc., etc.

I like to offer a bit of history in these profiles, and in this case, it is really justified. RCW Nurseries was started by three men - Bob Robison, H.B. Cox and Tom Williamson. At the time, they all worked for Shell Oil, and they all had a passion for plants and designing landscapes. In the late 1970s, they started doing landscape jobs, working from their homes and storing plants in their backyards. Eventually, their yards became so crowded they needed to find a storage space - what we know today as RCW Nurseries.

Bob and H.B. left the business in the early 1980s, leaving the entire operation in the hands of Tom and his wife, Doris. Sadly, Tom passed away several years ago, but the business is still family-owned and operated. Doris remains the matriarch of the business, but injuries from a car accident last year have kept her from being there on a daily basis. So today, her son, David Williamson, and son-in-law, David Pounds, hold the reins.

They also own and operate Williamson Tree Farm, one of the most successful and well-known in the state. This wholesale operation, which sells mostly to the commercial landscaping industry and other nurseries and garden centers, is based in Plantersville. That’s why I often reference the “high-quality stock of trees from their farm in P-Ville.” They grow nearly 30 varieties there, and only bring the best to RCW Nurseries. A recent article in the industry magazine, GrowerTalks, put a spotlight on the Williamson legacy.

As David Williamson has reminded me over the years, their true success lies in their wonderful staff, some of whom have been with the family business for more than 30 years. The team fully understands customer service, and all are motivated to provide answers to all your questions and point you to the right plants and products for your situation.

I’d also like to point out here that RCW carries a wide array or pottery and garden art. They have a magnificent gift shop plus an entire area dedicated to nothing but organic controls. And because they have their own tree farm, they also have one of the best tree-planting crews in the area.

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