Tom and Becky Pearce of Pearcescapes

I’d like to introduce you to the man and family behind Pearcescapes .

I don’t endorse a lot of landscape companies, but I have been helping promote Pearcescapes for over a decade. I trust Tom Pearce, his wife Becky, and their entire staff to take care of GardenLine listeners like no other landscape designers out there.

First, let me give you a bit of history.Tom graduated from the University of Houston in 1975 with a degree in biology. After graduation, he joined his boyhood friend, Victor Flaherty, at Plants for All Seasons, the nursery Victor owned. In 1988, however, Tom decided to leave retail and concentrate on what he liked best - creating landscapes. So, Pearcescapes was born, and Tom has been creating top residential and commercial landscape designs ever since.

Over the years, Tom acquired licenses for planning irrigation and drainage systems, skills absolutely necessary for putting together well-designed landscapes. He is a licensed irrigator and a licensed backflow preventer assembly tester. In a nutshell, that means Pearcescapes can handle the most important aspects of building or re-doing landscapes: drainage and irrigation. He’s also got a commercial pesticide license, and is a Texas certified nursery professional.

Pearcescapes also stands out for an ability to work with hardscapes, combining stone, water and lighting.

At Pearcescapes, their crews are considered the backbone of the company … the typical employee has been on the team for around 15 years. I hear story after story from Pearcescape customers about how they love the crews and their attention to detail. And while Tom and Becky are the owners, the heart of the company is Office Manager Lynda Starbuck. She handles everything from the initial consultation to the final walkthrough. She orders all the plants and keeps clients informed at every step of their project.

Tom and Becky have raised two daughters, and are the proud grandparents of granddaughter, Lyla. (ABOVE) In recent years they have also taken up canine rescue, and live in Houston with their four dogs. Tom enjoys the outdoors, is an avid birdwatcher and loves fishing, especially the saltwater variety. His cabin in Matagorda is the perfect place to combine the two, when time allows.

So, if you’re looking for a landscape company with years of experience, complete expertise in irrigation and drainage, and a penchant for hardscapes, there’s no reason to consider a corporate behemoth or a mow-and-blow company that just happens to have “landscaper” on their truck. Call 281-370-5060 for Pearcescapes to get the family and the people behind the best.

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