Black Velvet Mulch from Landscapers Pride

If you listen to GardenLine or follow us on Facebook, you know I’m steadfastly against the use of dyed or colored mulch. I’ve put forth my 10 Commandments of Mulch and for years have shown research outlining the reasons why you should stick with native shredded mulches.

About three years ago, I had to walk away from an endorsement opportunity for what used to be the most accessible shredded hardwood mulch on the market because the quality just kept getting worse. Since we had such a long partnership, it hurt me to see the quality go so far downhill. But the ultimate reason we parted ways was because they wanted me to endorse all their products, including dyed mulches. In my best airline stewardess voice, I had to say “buh-bye!”

Fast-forward three years, and I have found a new partner that understands the need to get high-quality, locally sourced, natural-looking shredded hardwood mulch into a reasonably priced bag.

If you haven’t heard about it yet on the radio show, I give you Landscapers Pride Black Velvet Mulch. All you have to do is look at the pictures to see how natural-looking this high-quality mulch is. Unfortunately, I may have trained many of you to be careful of colored or dyed mulches by hammering the negative aspects of black dyed mulch. But Black Velvet is just the name … it is not dyed - it comes by its darker color quite naturally. And with it, we finally have a locally sourced mulch that is available in reasonably priced bags - and by the bag only.

While I also speak for other mulches, it is my hope that GardenLine listeners looking for fairly priced bags of shredded hardwood mulch will keep an eye out for Landscapers Pride Black Velvet—and a few of the other mulch products they make.

This New Waverly-based company takes a lot of pride in locally sourcing their material, unlike many mulch yards that use landscape timbers and wooden pallets as their main ingredients. The majority of Landscapers Pride products are what we call “naturally organic.”

Like almost all the mulch companies I’ve spoken for over the years, Landscapers Pride also makes a colored mulch, but they know I don’t, can’t and won’t recommend that. And I understand why mulch suppliers make and sell such products – because, sadly, there are still many uneducated landscapers and homeowners who just follow subdivision trends.

Check out for all the different soils and soil amendments they offer. I’m particularly fond of their Gardner’s Magic Soil and their Premium Rose Soil and Planting Mix. And to find the closest of nearly 50 locations in Southeast Texas that carry the full Landscapers Pride line up, click the STORE LOCATOR button.

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