Canadian Man Can't Escape Maddening 'Mystery Hum'

In a truly strange 'mystery noise' case out of Canada, a man has been  tormented by a persistent humming sound for over a decade and it has  seemingly followed him from one home to the next. The extraordinary  story of Dana Negrey reportedly began back in 2008 when he noticed an odd sound that he likened to  "locomotive diesel engine idling in the distance" which never stopped.  Fortunately for him, there were others in his community who also heard  the continuous hum and the search for the source became a brief media  sensation that ultimately proved futile.

His experience with what has come to be called the 'Richmond hum' ended  four years later when Negrey moved nearly 200 miles away to the city of  Edmonton. However, much to his consternation, the beleaguered man's  story soon took a maddening turn when he settled into his new home and,  like a scene from a horror film, he heard the sound once more. Musing to  himself, "oh no, here we go again," Negrey set out to solve the mystery  of the hum once and for all.

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