6 Rockers Who Used To Be Teachers (And What They Looked Like Teaching)

Once again it's the time of year that many kids dread - when they head back to school. 

One thing that should make students a little more excited to get back to learning is knowing that their new teacher might someday become a rock star. Think it sounds far-fetched? Well here's a list of 6 rockers who once were teachers:

1. Gene Simmons

Before performing in front of thousands, the Kissbassist was teaching in front of a few dozen 6th graders in New York's Spanish Harlem. He once said he decided to teach because he wanted to be the center of people's attention, however 40 students looking at him wasn't enough so Gene quit after six months to go on and perform in front of 40,000 people at a time.

2. Sting:

Sting graduated college with a B.A. in education and went on to teach English, music and soccer to nine and ten year olds at a Catholic School in the UK. He was the only male teacher there. The singer once revealed that while he didn't experience anything described in the song, his time teaching still inspired the 1980 hit "Don't Stand So Close to Me." 

3. Brian May

The Queenguitarist is probably one of the smartest rockers out there - he has a PhD in astrophysics - and before joining the band Brian taught math at a London high school. He described the experience as "challenging" but also something he "really enjoyed," explaining that the hardest thing was making sure the students didn't get bored. 

Joe has always been an amazing guitarist and before he went professional with his skills, he taught others how to play. Satriani spent ten years in Westbury, New York and Berkeley, California teaching the instrument. Seems he was a pretty decent teacher too - his students included Steve Vaiand Metallica's Kirk Hammett

Before becoming a sultan of swing with Dire Straits, Mark spent three years as a English professor at a UK college. Even during that time music was his true passion and he spent nights performing local gigs and weekends teaching little kids how to play guitar. 

DeYoung made a name for himself as the frontman of Styx, but before that he was just Mr. DeYoung, the music teacher at the Kolmar School in Illinois. Dennis graduated college with an education degree and used it to get the job. He previously called teaching "one of the noblest professions" but lamented how it's "really undervalued."

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