U. S. Average Home Prices running from $123,000 to well over $600,000.

California, Colorado and Hawaii have the most expensive houses in the country with median prices up to $800,000!

West Virginia, Mississippi and Arkansas have the cheapest.

Zillow's Orphe Divounguy says coast lines - like in California and Hawaii - add to the bottom line as do job opportunities. "Markets that are very, very expensive are Tech Hubs like Seattle, Boston and the Bay Area plus the Financial Industry in New York are up there ($)."

Texas is The 20th Cheapest Homes State and Divounguy says Houston's looking good! "Houston houses are more affordable than the national average. It ranks as the 36th most expensive metro in the U.S. That's good because markets that are more affordable will see more activity!" Houston is financially easier to live in than both Austin and Dallas.

Houston Home Sales at a Record High

Texas comes in at number 32 in the country with a median house price of $261,000. Divounguy says first the Covid Lockdown, followed by big-company layoffs and other events continue to make changes in the rankings per Zillow. "Denver is now even more expensive than the New York Metropolitan area. Through the pandemic, we saw a lot of 'movers.' They were moving to get more space!"

Divounguy says Houston's friendly building policies, employment opportunities, no state tax and space availability will see even more home buyers moving to town in the future.

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Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House

Housing prices highest in the U.S. in Hawaii.Photo: Getty Images

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